Our impact on communities: Kindergarten "1 Qershori", Durrës

Ivi is Destian’s mum. She used to go herself to the Kindergarten “1 Qershori”, in Durres, when she was a child, where today her son attends preschool classes. Now she works in a bank and is an active member of the kindergartens’ parent’s board. Together with other parents, director and educators, they work together for a smooth running of the children's education process.

Ivi points out that when she accompanied her son to this kindergarten for the first time, at her dismay, she realized that the situation had not changed compared to her childhood. Next, she found out that the kindergarten, especially the first floor, had problems with humidity and had a poor lighting. There was a lack of heating. Winter was tough, as because of electricity shortages, the cold hindered the learning process and affected the health of children. Children with special needs did not have adequate access to their kindergarten.

Ivi explains that she participated in the consultations organized by UNDP Albania for the repair of the kindergarten damaged by the earthquake to express her opinion on improving the conditions by giving priority to the needs of the children. During the consultations, in addition to the above problems, I also raised the concern about the messy situation of the garden yard, and about the need to make it a safe and suitable space for the little ones, says Ivi.

Now, Ivi with her eyes full of joy says that not only has the building structure been reinforced, but the humidity has also been eliminated. The classrooms are now large and full of light. The children’s health during winter will not suffer due to the lack of energy anymore. The yard has already been transformed into a safe place for children to learn about botany, play and have fun. Actually, the kindergarten “1 Qershori”, says Ivi, became a modern one and I am happy because my son feels better and safer there.

Today, 167 children are happily learning and playing in a beautifully repaired kindergarten according to highest standards by EU4Schools programme. Now, children can fully enjoy a safer building according to Eurocode 8, central heating, proper light and a wonderful garden. The working conditions for teachers have been radically improved. The education quality has reached European standards.

Kindergarten “1 Qershori” is one of 58 educational institutions being repaired and rebuilt under the EU4Schools program, funded by European Union with €65 million. UNDP is based on the methodology #BuildForwardTogether and #BuildBackBetter to respect as much as possible the needs and requirements of the communities affected by the earthquake of November 26, 2019.